UNIJA again among the best companies in terms of investment in staff training and knowledge enhancement—2016 Top 10 Training Management

Like in previous years, Unija d.d. has again been ranked among the TOP 10 Slovenian companies and organizations that systematically invest in staff training and knowledge enhancement.
The Planet GV and Inštitut SOFOS measure training activities in companies and organizations and have been awarding the Top 10 Training Management Award since 2002. The data collected is presented at the annual Training Management conference where the following criteria is brought to light: the training development, the attention companies and organizations pay to strategic investments in training and education, and the level of skills companies have in developing a training culture.

The following companies and organizations have been ranked among the 2016 TOP 10 Training Management:

  • Center of Excellence in Finance
  • IBM Slovenija, d.o.o.
  • Iskra Mehanizmi,
  • Kolektor Group,
  • Krka, d.d.
  • Lek, d.d.
  • Petrol, d.d.
  • Plastika Skaza, d.o.o.
  • Unija, računovodska hiša, d.d.
  • Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.

Unija is proud to be among the best companies of this year that pay special attention to the growth of intellectual capital and strategically invest in knowledge enhancement, and training among the staff.


UNIJA receives TOP 10 Education Management 2015 award

Planet GV and the the Education Management Institute Sofos awarded the 10 most successful Slovenian companies that have invested in education and training of employees.

Unija is once again on the list of TOP 10 for 2015, which means it ranks among the top 10 companies that systematically invest in knowledge and training of employees in Slovenia.

The award aims to present the best Slovenian companies or organizations that systematically invest in knowledge as well as to providean incentive for even faster development of training practices and improvement in the reputation of training function. Besides Unija, the following companies were also awarded the title: 

  • BSH Hišni aparati, d.o.o.,
  • IBM Slovenija, d.o.o.,
  • Krka, tovarna zdravil d.d.,
  • Lek, farmacevtska družba, d.d.,
  • NLB, d.d.,
  • Telekom, d.d.,
  • Treves, d.o.o.,
  • Vzajemna zdravstvena zavarovalnica, z.v.d.,
  • Zavarovalnica Triglav, d.d.

The award was also granted to the most promising companies in the field of management training activities in Slovenia. We are proud that Unija received an award in the category of small businesses, while the awards in the category of medium and large businesses were received by IBM Slovenija d.o.o. and Krka d.d.

We will continue to dedicate special attention to strategic investment in improving knowledge and training. We are aware that only qualified professional employees can establish and maintain high professional standards.

UNIJA Recognized as TOP 10 Educator in 2012 and 2013

The selection committee for the 2012 and 2013 TOP 10 Educator management award placed UNIJA among the 10 award winners. The award TOP 10 Educator puts Unija in the company of 10 successful Slovenian enterprises which share an interest in the systematic investment in knowledge and pour a considerable amount of effort into the continuous education and training of their personnel. To be once more among the best is an honour as well as a challenge to keep successfully co-developing the educational strategy of our society in the future.



The awarding committee for TOP 10 Educational Management 2011 awards, including dr.  Adriana Rejc Buhovac, PhD (Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana), dr. Daniela Brečko, PhD (Planet GV) and Monika Zalokar (Planet GV), selected UNIJA računovodska hiša d.d. as one of the ten recipients of the award.


This makes UNIJA one of the 10 successful Slovenian companies that systematically invest in knowledge and provide education and training for personnel. Being among the best again – and among the TOP 10 EDUCATORS – is a privilege, but also a challenge to further contribute to forging the educational strategy of our society in the future.





As part of the 8th traditional Training Management conference, taking place in Bled last Wednesday, Planet GV and Sofos Institute of Training Management granted recognition awards to 10 Slovenian companies with the highest investment in training and systematically striving for education and training (TOP 10 Training Management 2008).

The honorary list includes the UNIJA d.d. accounting house whose systematic investments in the knowledge of their employees, promotion of the development of training practice and efforts to raise the reputation of training within the company, have ranked it alongside the following recipients:




- Ernst & Young, d. o. o.
- Gorenje, d. d.
- Helios Tovarna barv, d. o. o.
- Hermes SoftLab, d. d.
- Krka tovarna zdravil, d. d., Novo mesto
- Lek farmacevtska družba, d. d.
- Merkur, d. d.
- Smart Com, d. o. o.
- Trimo, d. d.
- Unija računovodska hiša, d. d.


Awards for TOP 10 lecturers were also presented during the conference, which again saw the success of our lecturer Marija Ravnik, Advisor to the Board of Directors in UNIJA d.d. and technical director of the Accounting Institute. 




Based on the selection procedure as performed by the expert commission, we have been rated among the top 10 Slovenian companies systematically investing in knowledge and promoting the training of employees. As was said by Mr Lipičnik, PhD of the Faculty of Economics at the awarding ceremony, the TOP 10 – 2006 awards in personnel training were granted to “THE BEST AMONG THE BEST”..



As part of the Training Management conference 2007, which was organised by Planet GV in November 2007, the list of top lecturers and the title of top lecturer in 2007 were announced for the second year in a row. The list of ten lecturers also included Ms Marija Ravnik.

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