On 5th November 2010, the board of revision of Institute Ekvilib discussed Unija’s documentation relevant to obtaining the certificate »Family-friendly company«, and univocally decided to award it the full certificate »Family-friendly company«. 






In Autumn 2006 we joined the project “Young Mother/Family-Friendly Employment”. At the award ceremony in Cankarjev dom congress centre on 14 May 2007, the Minister Marjeta Cotman granted the certificate “FAMILY-FRIENDLY COMPANY” to the Chairman of the Board Mr Pikovnik who accepted it on behalf of the employees.

The certificates were granted by the Ministry of Labour, Family and Social Affairs in cooperation with the development partnership “Young Mother/Family-Friendly Employment”, the recipients comprised 32 Slovenian organisations with a total of almost 20,000 employees. This year, the certificates were awarded for the first time in Slovenia. The acquisition of the certificate is an audit procedure having the function of assessment and advice regarding the tools the employers could use for better human resources management in the framework of harmonising the professional and family life of their employees.

Activities related to acquiring the basic certificate were carried out between December 2006 and April 2007. An assessment/consultation workshop was executed to check once more the total set of 17 measures, the emphasis being on employee benefits that would arise upon implementing the measures. Six measures that made it to the final selection were: children bonus time (an additional day of paid leave when children attend their first or second grade lessons for the first day), annual holiday allowance (higher annual holiday allowance for employees with larger families), formal approval of the team implementing the family-friendly company measures, harmonisation of documents, public commitment.