Benefits for employees

Nowadays, employees can hardly imagine their work without having the constant opportunity to study / train and share expert opinions with others. Not only do we wish to acquire additional knowledge, we are expected to do so. However, it is important that the management has provide us with appropriate conditions, both in terms of finance and time. Encouraging the employees to opt for various types of education and training also provides each individual with greater promotion opportunities and wider knowledge.

More than 82% of employees are female, their average age being 34 years. Indeed, Unija d.d. is a family-friendly company, as its employees can arrange their personal and professional obligations and wishes. They also socialise outside their working hours, partly by participating in sporting events and organising short trips.

However, certain rules have to be obeyed. The Employee Code, which is presented to all new employees, oblige us to respect the agreed rules and implement our shared values: legality, integrity, loyalty and professionalism both as regards relationships among employees and toward our business partners.

The employees respect and trust each other.

We are proud to have achieved the title “Best Accounting Firm of 2009, 2010 and 2011” by our joint efforts.